What is orgone?
Orgone energy is the measurable energy that exists within all matter. Orgone energy is Wilhelm Reich’s name for the substratum from which all nature is created. Other scientists have recognized this concept as well. To Franz Anton Mesmer, it is animal magnetism. To Hans Driesch, it was entelechy. To Sigmund Freud, it was libido.

Orgone energy is essentially life energy, desire, and the source of human striving. Wilhelm Reich concentrated mostly on orgone energy’s physical expression and psychological content simultaneously, until he was able to show the relationship between the body and emotion. To put it simply, orgone energy is the creative force in nature. It exists in the body, and in the surrounding atmosphere.

What is an orgone accumulator?
To put it simply, an orgone accumulator has the ability to convert negative energy into positive energy. includes both positive and negative energy. All items have their own energies, but it is true that items that once held positive energy can adopt the frequencies or negative energy. This is true for both inanimate objects as well as human beings. It has been suggested that orgonite can successfully remove negative energies from your surroundings. Our orgone accumulators come in the form of jewelry, pet accessories, decorative pieces, technology accessories, and more.

Why do I need to remove negative energies?
Removing negative energies from your surroundings is incredibly beneficial. In the presence of negative energy, we absorb frequencies from that energy. This can lead to health issues that impact both physical and mental health. Negative energy can also interfere with your ability to concentrate or sleep, as well as aggravating nervousness and causing families to be more argumentative.

All electrical appliances emit negative energies. These negative energies are known as Electromagnetic Field Radiations (EMFs.) We are constantly absorbing radiation from all electronics and electrical appliances from cell phones to microwaves to fluorescent lights. In a world where nearly every household has multiple television sets, computers, and smart phones in addition to standard appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators, and fluorescent lights, we are exposed to more EMFs than generations before.

Scientists believe that as much as 40-50% of the population may experience symptoms of Electrical Hypersensitivity (EHS), which is an allergic reaction to EMFs. 3-5% of cases studied were severe enough to impact an individual’s quality of life.