Heart Shaped Black Sun Orgone Accumulator Necklace


Small Heart Shape EMF Radiation Protection Necklace with Hand-made Hemp Rope
You will neutralize the negative energy and EMF (Electromagnetic Field Radiation) on your body with a Black Sun Orgone Accumulator necklace.

The base is composed of blend of magnetite, crushed quartz crystals & ormus, a blend of copper, iron, & brass turnings. All materials are blended into polyester resin and cured in natural sunlight and to frequency 528 Hz.

Dr.Wilheim Reich, founder of Orgone energy, did not endorse the use of Aluminum, therefore Aluminum is not in this product.

The accumulator has been activated in the direct sunlight prior to shipping. However, you may want to reactivate once you receive it.  To reactivate it, simply sit it outdoors for a few hours in direct sunlight.

Product Dimensions:
Approx 2″ diameter
chain length: ?