Black Sun Orgone Accumulators Pet Bowls


The Black Sun Orgone Accumulator Small Pet Bowl is suitable to hold either food or water. Negative energies and EMFs can effect pets just like they effect humans. Orgone can protect you and your pets from harmful radiation by turning the negative energy fields into positive energy fields. In our studies, we have found that when given the option, pets prefer the Orgone Accumulator Pet Bowl rather than stainless steel bowls.

This bowl is composed of a blend of Magnetite (including Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium) which was mined in Arizona. It also contains crushed quartz crystals, ormus, blended copper, iron, brass turnings, fine copper wire, and an assortment of crushed various crystals. All materials are blended into polyester resin and cured in natural sunlight to a frequency of 528 Hz.

The accumulator has been activated in the direct sunlight prior to shipping. However, you may want to reactivate once you receive it. To reactivate it, simply sit it outdoors for a few hours in direct sunlight.

Product Dimensions:
length: 9″ x 6″ across bowl
thickness: 2″